Texas GIS Data Download

Texas GIS Data Download makes GIS technology available to anyone at any time. We remove the hassle of waiting for GIS data in the mail by allowing immediate downloads after the data is purchased. This ensures your GIS data is as up-to-date as possible.

Our team of GIS Analysts has over two decades of experience working with local municipalities and parcel vendors to aggregate and update parcel boundary data. We take the hassle out of compiling GIS data!

Ownership information is only useful if it’s up-to-date. Texas GIS Data is committed to keeping our parcel data and ownership information current, ensuring confidence in the data you’re using.

GIS (Geographic Information Systems) is a combination of hardware, software, and data that allows users to analyze information based on its geography. Typically, a GIS is represented as several different layers where each layer holds data about a particular kind of feature. Each feature is linked to a position on a map and a record in an attribute table.

Parcel data is the foundation for performing spatial analysis and visually representing ownership information. Texas GIS Data Download parcel data displays a wealth of information that is associated with properties including valuations, ownership, service areas, and more. Parcel data also enables sophisticated spatial analysis such as proximity, overlay and buffers. Numerous industries use parcel data in their daily operations, and many are realizing new ways to enhance their capabilities, provide additional services and reduce operating costs.

Hidden in most data is a geographical component: an address, postal code, census block, city, county, or latitude/longitude coordinate. With GIS, you can explore the spatial element of your data to display soil types, track crime patterns, analyze animal migration patterns, find the best location for an expanding business, model the path of atmospheric pollution, and make decisions for many types of complicated problems.